Just a little about me...

Im Darryl, lead a lucky, charmed, strange, struggling life, with so many great things along with some not so enjoyable things too.
I really enjoy 3 things you dont have to be good at to like, Dancing, Golf and Gaming, I will let you decide which 2 out of the 3 I am good at tho :)
I have a amazing family, who I love dearly and will do anything for as they were good enough to create me, so if you dont like me blame them...
I have a beautiful, loving, caring fiancee who is everything to me.
She gave me my 2nd biggest love in the whole world, our little baby girl, Keira, a gorgeous blue eyed, husky.
There are many people who are my friends, even more acquaintances, but i am very lucky to have about 6 true friends, if you have a few people like this you know just I mean, if you have loads of these then you really dont know what it means, but Im sure you will one day.
And yeah thats sorta me with loads left out and more to never be said but you only need to know what you want to, so im gussing this is what you want, if not sorry,... i have a contact section for a reason tho :)

This is what i kinda sometimes look like, sometimes kinda...

Erm... I dont know...
About 5'9 or 152.4cm
About 11 1/2st or 161lbs or 73.0283kgs ish
Eyes change a lot, green/blue/gray/yellow
Hair is getting gray slowly with light n dark brown and sometimes a bit of blond in there too...
I like loadsa things,
Tho i love golf, gaming and dance.
Hate Fake people, short tempers and cheats. O and tomatos :|

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